About Us


I have been self-employed for sixteen years, which I can remember because my daughter is sixteen. At that time, I had a retail bead store, but no knowledge of marketing or business. The first year I struggled really hard. I poured all my energy into the store, but still could not make the rent.  I was in a bad location and never received any customers, and thought I was buying my products at wholesale prices, but in reality, was buying them just below retail prices. This meant my profit margin was not high enough, and I was eventually evicted.

Being evicted helped me realize the difference between retail and wholesale. For example, at the first store, I would buy a bead for $1.00, which is just slightly below retail. After being evicted and moving to my new store, I started buying beads at the wholesale price of 1 cent! Obviously, my profit margins increased tremendously. The first week I made $1,000.

Although my business was profiting, my personal life was in shambles because around this time my husband passed. I had my daughter to provide for, and had to keep going. I used 10,000 from the life insurance policy to buy Swarovski crystal beads, which were extremely popular at the time. This investment was an integral reason why my business did not fail a second time. I ended up owning that store for six years.

At the end of these six years, I decided to close the store and move back to my hometown. Along with a business partner, I opened a daycare to supplement my income. The first year we made $85,000 and the third year we made half a million.

Three years later I wanted out of the daycare business, as I was running it to supplement my income, rather than a love of the business. However, I decided to persevere, as I had an idea to extend our hours to appeal to parents who had to work later or earlier than the average person, which was a huge success. An integral part of running any business is responding to your customers’ needs.

Since I was not being fulfilled by running the daycare, I decided to open a bead store and dollar store. Business was good, but I no longer wanted  deal with the whims of landlords and being tied to physical stores.

At this point, I decided to go to school to learn how to build websites and was soon building websites for many different clients. My counselor at the school also advised I take courses in Marketing, which changed my life. I immediately realized that Marketing was my passion and is what I wanted to devote the rest of my life to.

Now, I can happily say I’m one of those lucky people who love what they do. I’m excited to get up in the morning and develop new Marketing strategies, research new trends, and help small business owners make their businesses as profitable as possible.


I  decided to get a spokesperson to help with her business. My spokesperson is a better writer than myself. Dr. Spartacus is a native from Michigan; he is a Spartan fan and loves to write. One of his specialties is dressing up in many styles. He loves to dress; party and have fun. Due to the fact that Dr. Spartacus is on the scene all the times, he keeps up with new technology and he tries to apply new technology to the business. Dr. Spartacus usually does not show up for public speaking, but if necessary, he will show up. Dr. Spartacus is a firm believer that you can teach old dogs new tricks. He sets the example for other dogs. He has learned so many new tricks.